Viper microlight and LSA sales

The Viper SD-4, a microlight/LSA* which combines pleasure with performance

Airbase is an authorised Viper sales and maintenance dealer for Switzerland and neighbouring France. Viper aircraft are manufactured in Slovakia by Tomark Aero.

Elegant and modern, the Viper SD-4 two-seater microlight/LSA* is entirely metal-built. Its two side-by-side seats, and its top quality equipment will win over flying enthusiasts.  

Travel, flying schools: an affordableaircraft, big on thrills!

This aircraft is ideal for travel, flying schools and glider towing. Very affordable, due to its low weight and low-consumption engine (100 hp), it offers to best in microlight/LSA* aviation.

The sturdy landing gear makes this aircraft ideal for flying schools.

Airbase is proud to be a Viper dealer, and would be happy to introduce you to the benefits of the SD-4 in detail.

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Elegance and Performance

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*Meets Swiss LSA class requirement. Viper aircraft can fly without restrictions in Switzerland and several other European countries.