Benefits of the Viper

The Viper: many benefits for aviation enthusiasts

We have chosen to sell the Viper because we appreciate its build quality and the many benefits which it has to offer pilots and flying schools.

Some of the benefits of Viper microlights/LSA planes

  • Precision and excellent flying experience
  • Good speed (200 kph)
  • Excellent autonomy, with 6 hours flying time
  • Low consumption: 12 litres in cruising flight (unleaded petrol)
  • Spacious cockpit with excellent external visibility
  • The latest aviation technology and top quality design
  • All-metal construction, facilitating repair
  • Very sturdy front landing gear

Good autonomy and low fuel consumption
Spacious cabin for long journeys

To discover all the benefits of Viper planes, call us to arrange a meeting, or simply drop into our Bressaucourt base for a viewing.