Complete overhaul of engine and accessories

Generally, your Continental or Lycoming piston engine will need to be overhauled after 2000 hours of flight.

This task is carried out by our team at our workshops in Belp (Bern Airport).

Your engine is fully inspected and overhauled in order to guarantee completepilot and passengersafety when in flight.

This job requires your aircraft to remain out of action for a few days.

Where necessary, we can transport it for you, or you can bring it to us and use one of our courtesy cars free of charge.

Engine overhaul, know-how and experience

During the engine overhaul process, all components are dismantled, checked, cleaned and reassembled.

Complete engine overhaul requires specific know-how and many years of experience.

We are privileged to have a team of passionate and talented mechanics, with experience of complete piston aircraft engine overhaul.

To receive a quote for overhaul of your aircraft, get in touch!