Airbase is here for you !

When your aircraft won’t start, or displays any other worrying symptoms, call us on +41 31 961 04 93.

Quick to react, we are happy to travel to carry out repair work (where this is possible). In all cases, we can assess the situation and help get you back in the air as soon as possible.

Assistance for pilots

Pilots can count on the Airbase team in the case of breakdown or damage. We carry out all possible types of aircraft repair.

Our aviation mechanics, bodywork technicians, upholsterers and painters carry out your repairs to the highest standard.

Make the most of our stock of spare parts

For certain models, spare parts can be difficult to find, or require a very long delivery time.

Airbase has a strong network, which allows us to locate spare parts for many aircraft models.

If you need a specific part, call us, and see whether we have the replacement you’re looking for.