CAMO: good news for pilots from May 2016

The introduction of EASA Part-M in Switzerland brings some beneficial changes for pilots.

When you sign a CAMO (Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation) management contract with Airbase, your airworthiness review certificate (ARC) is simply renewed by us.

Before CAMO came into force, it was the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that an aircraft underwent regular inspection, that any out-of-date parts were changed, and that proper maintenance was carried out.

They also had to go through a Federal Office of Civil Aviation inspection before they could be granted a permit to fly.

Today, you no longer have to deal with this procedure. Airbase takes care of everything for you and even issues the certificate (ARC)!

The CAMO management contract

As part of the CAMO management contract, Airbase informs you of all maintenance tasks which must be carried out during the year.

Once this maintenance work has been completed, Airbase grants your aircraft its certificate of airworthiness.

Airbase is also responsible for ensuring that service bulletins comply with regulations, and that airworthiness guidelines issued by the authorities and manufacturers are upheld.

As part of the CAMO management contract, all aircraft maintenance information is incorporated into our monitoring computer system.

To start enjoying the benefits of CAMO today, get in touch!